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Our Email Marketing Services:

– Campaign Strategy

– Content Marketing

– Article Writing

– Copy Writing

– A/B Testing

– Usability Testing

– Local Development

– Email Validation Check

– Marketing Automation

– Analytics Reporting?& Tracking

– Creative Copy

– Mobile-Friendly Emails

– Personalized & Dynamic Content


Why Email Marketing

Higher Revenues

Email averages a return on investment (ROI) of $40 for every $1 spent, far outstripping banner ads ($2) and keyword ads ($17). So it’s no surprise that 67% of organizations?plan to increase their email spend in 2012.

Builds Trust

A whopping 96%?of survey respondents felt it was important for companies to have email than any other form of electronic communication. It helps establish the legitimacy of the brand.


81% uses a smartphone for regularly checking emails. 21% uses a tablet.?Smartphones are the most common device especially for younger individuals (less than 35 years old) and females.

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Phase I: Build a strong email list

The first thing before we start building an email list is to look at all the platforms we can utilize for capturing emails. We establish our credibility and explain what the emails are for and only get the people who are interested (qualified). Some things we can offer are an email series, free downloads, keep them informed on the changes happening in your industry. We make sure the incentive is clear and enticing.

Phase II: Produce Great Content

We produce content that help you engage customers and generate sales. As a rule of thumb, we use newsletters as a method to further your relationship with the reader/customer rather than to pitch them. When we give enough in value, the sales follow shortly after. Clients are excited to open your letter after you’ve spend the first few months giving value.

Phase III:?Analytics & Segmentation

The only way to improve the email campaigns is to track as much as possible. We use specialized tracking software on every email sent. Once we collect enough data, we can decide where we need to invest more time to get a higher return. With enough data, we can split up your email list into more targeted groups. This will spend more specialized emails to users.

The Pacific Creative Group Digital Process

Our fantastic email marketing services are a byproduct of highly efficient workflow and strong project management.

After a brief conversation with one of our Vancouver digital marketing consultants, we engage in detailed research & analysis. As your Email campaign begins and continues, we provide monthly reports on Email marketing progress.


Our Email marketing experts meet you to identify your needs.

Research & Analysis

Our email marketing packages come with full tracking software & we build custom solutions for your business.

Campaign Kickoff

We build an email campaign from scratch and walk you through the growth.

Continuous Optimization

With A/B testing, we continuously optimize your email marketing campaign.

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